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2005-04-15 03:06:40 (UTC)

News Story

Field Tests
The tenth grade students at Lafayette High School were pushed
to take another version of the G.E.E. test, called a "field
test." The point of the test evidently is to determine if
the questions were appropriate for those burdened with the
task of taking it. The event took place on April 12 and
April 13 and students were urged to show up and try their
best. Tenth grader Ryan Bonin commented, ?I feel like it is
a waste of time because we already took the GEE, and also
the sample grades from the test are irrelevant because
students don?t try their best on it. I missed biology
because of the gee, therefore I didn?t get the notes for the
test tomorrow.? Most other tenth grade students like Brett
Hebert felt the same stating, ?That test was a waste of
time! I?m outraged! Why would they give us the original
GEE21 test if we wre just going to have to take it again to
evaluate it? It?s ridiculous.? Others, like Bridget Grigsby
and Eric Wright had to say, ?I think they should have let
the freshman take it since they are taking the GEE next year.?
While the majority of the students didn?t seem to like the
idea of taking a pointless test, there was one person, who
shall remain anonymous, that exclaimed, ?Juxtaposed with my
fellow classmates, I can understand why school board
officials would want to issue such a test. I mean, if they
can't pass, why should they be expected to!" Obvioulsly, he
felt that the test was for a good cause and decided to take
it seriously.
Meanwhile though, some students didn?t even come to school
those days, complaining they didn?t want to take the test.
According to Brandon Davis, ?I thought that it was pointless
and a waste of class time, but i did enjoy three extra hours
to sleep in the mornings.? With all the contreversary
between students taking it and not taking it, and then not
even trying their best, was this test even worth the
trouble? Many teachers were upset that their class time was
being taken away on such a meaningless test. Even the
students felt it was a waste of time. The test has come and
passed though, but will it really reveal anything to the
school board?

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