Completely Incomplete

Letting Go Is All I've Held Onto
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2005-04-15 02:25:08 (UTC)


Today. Blah blah blah. I used the 'boo hoo Zak hates me'
thing as a ride off to skip school today. I'm s'kool.

WHen I said I had some personal problems to deal with, mum
jumped on the idea. "It isnt Nik again is it! Grr!" I

She said she'd make me cup cakes. That was a disaster.
Cupcakes arent suposed to taste like fish, or shrink.

Kade is off to a 'hospital' next wedsnday. I dont want him
to go ... but I guess that in a way, its for the best. But
its also not. He'll kill himself in there. I have a
feeling about it. But then ... He must be alive for
something. When I came on that night he was writting
a 'goodbye' to me. I came on at just that moment ... and I
dont think that it was just irony. I think it might have
been fate. But yes Im just an ignorant little kid, ut I
dont care. Even ignorant little kids have beleifs and
hopes too. And I belive it happened for a reason. I think
fate was involved. Hes alive for some reason, even if that
reason is me. I dont wanna lose him too.

This weekedn ... well tomorrow after school, Kristene is
picking me up. I wont talk to Nik agian till sunday. =(.
We're goign horse and puppy sitting! WHoo hoo!