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2005-04-15 02:22:04 (UTC)

fuck guys

so to cathch up on what has been happening, i called justin
b 4 i went to work and he didnt answer then when i got off
at 7:30 i missed his call, so he called me back later, i
asked him where we stood and he was like "well a no where
now, i guess just friends" ouch! thats all i havta say i
really didnt see this one comming. he said that things
work out with him and his date to his prom. i feel like i
have stoped breathing again. i hate guys so much adam and
now justin. idk wat to do. now i dont have a date i guess i
could go with travis but id really rather go with adam or
justin, i text adam and asked him to still go to my prom
with me.but no answer back. i guess once me and justin did
end up not working out i would turn back to adam. i think
more about adam then i do justin. i want to cry y do guys
havta be such jerks? it hurts to much to talk about it.
Justin told leslie that he didnt like my laugh and that if
him an that girl didnt work out then he would give me a
watever what a ass whole. fuck guys seriously. yall need to
grow up and see whats in front of you. cuz ur jus a waste
time to me.

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