2005-04-15 00:50:58 (UTC)

My Alphabetized Existence/The Letter E

Earrings for an elephant with no apologies
An expression I like found in the Joy of Cooking
under the orange cake recipe. I've never seen it anywhere else.

I learned to spell this word from Jiminy
Cricket on the Mickey Mouse Club. I'm dating myself, I
know. I had a set of children's encyclopedias when I was in
elementary school and read it in its entirety one summer. I
was delighted to find a set of this very same encyclopedia
in a used book store when my sons were small and bought it.
They would make up games with the entries, testing each
other with things like naming the three main exports of

Earl Grey tea
Earl Grey is my usual hot tea Milk and three
sugars please. Sometimes I have jasmine tea made in a
teapot. I use Lipton to make iced tea. Generally I drink
my tea from a mug but on special occasions I use one of my
delicate antique Limoges tea cups. I also use them when I
have tea with friends. It's fun to get out embroidered
linens and put fresh flowers on the table and nibble on
little sandwiches of thinly sliced cucumber with a smear of
butter on crustless bread or tiny decorated iced cakes with
pink icing and share whispered jokes and secrets.

John has made up hundreds of endearments for me
through the years. Some he's used since we first fell in
love and others were said only once, never to be heard
again. Some are sweet, others sexy. There are mundane ones
and startling ones which catch me unawares. There are witty
ones, rhyming ones, and many which are personal jokes. This
is from a man who's always claimed he's not a romantic and has
no idea how very romantic he truly is.

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