If Only....
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2005-04-14 23:54:58 (UTC)

I'll take the best of your bad moods....

7:44 PM

A lot of interesting nothings have happened to me today,
but in some way- it still means a lot.
I soaked up the pool and the sun...and some nicotine today.
Also, I have eaten vegetarian foods all day today from
Morningstar nuggets to a veggie subway sandwich- and some
coleslaw. I am stuffed. And I am trying to gain enough
energy to run on the treadmill.
I don't know if that is actually going to happen, but
We'll see. Tyler is at counseling right now and Alex is
grubbing down a quesadilla from Taco Bell. I have nothing
in particular to say, but I wanted to write anyways,
because by the looks of it- I am going to be gone tomorrow
pulling electrical permits. Urgh! I hate this feeling
stuffed feeling. Yea, it is nice to eat- I learned
appreciation for that through my 3 day fast...but on the
other hand, I would rather feel empty now than feel so fat
I want to throw up. Don't misinterpret- I will not. But, I
can't digest my food fast enough to feel better.
Well, I am going to go and have a smoke before the sun
goes down....maybe then I can make a decision.
To all those who read it, and even those who will never
lay their eyes upon this...God Bless You- for you and I
are one, and there is nothing more special than when two
energies combine....except for maybe 3.

And dress them up to make a better you.....