Helpless mosochistic love
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2005-04-14 21:19:57 (UTC)

I feel grrrreat

I was reading something Brandon wrote to me. And I
realized another reason why I love him... "I love the fact
that she doesnt want me dating you and is doing everything
in her power to prevent it from happening, but yet I blow
her off and go out with you anyways." His mom is a bitch
and he drew a comic of him killing his mom stick figure
style. It was so funny. Oh he also wrote "At least this
gives you a fine example of how much I love you. I loose
all my god given rights because of you and your sister. Yet
I love you now more than ever." I LOVE HIM. Hes actually
the first guy where I feel like I cant and dont want to
loose him. Before I went out with guys, I didnt hold hands
and do all the stuff I want to do with Brandon. I want to
be around him all the time. And im sorry to all my friends
who think I hang around him too much. But GG you did the
same with mark, you cant blame me!!! T_T You think I didnt
get annoyed of you and Mark? JK I love you GG ^.^ I love
you always.

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