Secrets come out?
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2005-04-14 20:16:02 (UTC)

crazy shit...

I have had like a pretty bad week... what with Christa
(a girl i didn't even know) tryin to fight me ... (no
problems beatin her ass...) on Monday then missing
school... not on purpose but still getting bitched at by my
P.O. ~~ she said that if i was even tardy one more time...
then she was going to violate me ... well i guess we know
what that means... she's still a major bitch... i have
class tonite... EMOTION CONTROL... oh my fucking GOD ..
please save me from the old fucker that teaches it... I
have taken two pregnancy tests but both have been
negative... yet ... i still haven't started... so that
means i could just be stressed or it could mean i really am
pg.. and it hasn't been detected yet... anyways... i am
stuck in a rut... that i hope i get out of .. for real..
lol..... I bought a witchcraft book a couple days ago but i
have to wait until i go to ATLANTIS to get my supplies to
start performing spells... i have to buy candles and oils
and seeds... and a mortar and one of those crushers.. all
this stuff... maybe it will look up when i start doing this
again... HOPEFULLY SO mOTE it BE! anyway ... gotta go
get ready for this dumb ass class that i don't have the
money for this week... talk to ya later...