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2005-04-14 17:00:16 (UTC)

Tim, you are a dumbass...

Well, i am so pissed off. I thought that i had
everything straightened out wid Tim, come to find out
yesterday that Tim has not shut up yet. Let's see.....
After a day of being pissed, i got on the logic site and
wrote a nice long dedication paragraph to Tim Blake of
Logic. Basically, it said you dont shut your mout and me,
my friends, and my cousins will teach you how to. You have
been warned. That was tha short version.A bunch of other
people read it too ( srry it's deleted now) and Ben said
tim undrstood. Well, today, Me and ashley welch were
writing a note back and forth and guess what tim had said
this time? " she fucks wid me and she'll be tha next
suicide outta here" okay now what??? Yea, ima see that
bitch tomarrow morning and set him straight cause i WILL
tell that fucker who tha hell hes fuckin wid. He doesnt kno
yet, he will. Ima kik his ass, then my cousin will. you
dont fuck wid me and get away wid it. And to think, ive
actually been in a good mood tha last few days unitl that
fuck interferred.

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