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2005-04-14 16:15:06 (UTC)


"Have you ever heard of the healing power of laughter?"
- The Joker, Batman (1989)

Yesterday was a weird day- in a good way, I mean, and
I'm not just saying that because I FINALLY got to see the
LOST episode I missed when my VCR got all freaky on me (it
was the one where father Michael learns that his 10 year old
son Walt may have special powers).
No, the weird thing was that I had this like, wierd
energy to me. People were just making me laugh for some
reason, and it helped me with the way I've been feeling
because them making me laugh made me want to make them
laugh. I was actually starting to relax a little and just
forget about some of the things that were causing me
And people picked the wierdest time of all to notice
that I sometimes were an Avril Lavigne t-shirt I bought off
E-bay (from the LET GO tour). I mean, this shirt is
overworn, it's all faded and everything,but people were
noticing it like it was the first time I was wearing it,
which seriously made me laugh. One chick in my acting class
was all snot nosed about it, she was like "eww, Avril
Lavigne?" Know what I asked her? I asked if she liked Jazz
music? She said yes, so I played some for her (see BRUCE
ALMIGHTY to get the point). THAT was bloody priceless, shut
her up quick, I'll tell you.
Anywho, key point is the laughter was good. It's been
so damned long since I had a good laugh that I was starting
to go a little out of my mind. People look at me when I
laugh like it's annoying, they think I'm drawing too much
attention to myself, or I'm too happy, or I'm too loud. Know
what I say? Fuck 'em, they don't know the half of my life
and where I am right now. Let's see one of those arrougant
little pricks walk in my shoes for a day (I'd start with
snooty first to tone her ass down, cause that bitch be
needing it) and see how they feel.