If Only....
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2005-04-14 13:46:29 (UTC)

These walls are paper thin...


This will be a day to remember for God has given me breath
to carry me through to this day.

*Point to Ponder- There is more to life than here and Now.

Consumption of:
*1 camel cigarette
*1/2 a glass of vanilla silk

So, I wake up this morning from a disoriented dream, to
find myself walking towards my door as I hear a knock.
No one is there, so when I turn around to walk back into
my bedroom, although I am fully awake...I realize that the
knocking was coming from another apartment. And I thought
that Florida was smart about building complexes with
concrete. Anyways, I attempt to lay down and catch another
few minutes of sleep, but seeing as though it is already
9:00- I figure I might as well begin my day...and live it
as though it were my last.
I am learning something fromthat book.
So, I walk to the patio, after pouring myself a drink-
still fighting the "temptation" to consume
caffeine...which hasn't been that hard at all- And I
notice how beautiful it is outside. Instead, I head
outside to the bench that rests before the lake and enjoy
my cigarette there. Praise God there. Appreciate Mother
Nature and all the beauty that surrounds me, All the
beauty that is me.
This is how I should begin everyday.
Unfortunately, most days don't always begin this beautiful.
Well, In Florida, they do :)
So- I decide to come back in, after picking up the other
butts that are lying on the ground beneath me.. and
properly dispose of them in the garbage can-some of which
didn't belong to me. And then I head back inside.
I have found motivation to do something today.
A lot, might I add.
And instead of spending the majority of my day on here- I
am going to make my day FULL. Live it, cease it....for it
may possibly be my last.
So to all those that scan over this, take this idea into
consideration. It can't hurt you any. It might even save
God Bless.

And everyone hears every little sound....