Sean Gokey (Gokes!)
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2005-04-14 04:56:05 (UTC)

April 13, 2005

Today was game day ohh and what a game it was. I ran today
and Salt and I even lifted. We saw Stevo in the weight room.
Stevo looked great he was strutting around and talking shit
to everyone even people who he didn't know. I think he must
have just had his major game face on early. We got to the
ball park and the teams in our league looked good but they
haven’t seen us yet. I had to warm up Stevo and man he was
throwing heat. My hand started to hurt. Once we got closer
to game time the fans started coming in. We had lots of them
from the good bible people to the drunken hard core fans. To
start off the other team "softballs" shelled out some good
hits. They had a horse that could hit the ball. At the end
of the end of the 1st I think it was 3 to 1 them but it was
the top of the second where we showed our real stuff. It was
one hit after another. I had probably 5 to 7 RBIs in the
game. We would have kept going around the batting order if
Gibby wouldn't have ended each rotation. Gibby was talking
shit through the whole game say "you think you can hit it my
way I'm a mother fucking big deal! I'm Kyle Gibson I am 4th
string starting QB you got nothing on me!" They did hit it
his way many times just to shut him up. Stevo pitched a hell
of a game blowing batters away. After the game was well in
the bag I got a relief cater to come in. Skip said “We got
to save you for our big game". I was glad to see the rookie
Eric get some playing time. That kid is a promising player
even though he was late. I did swing and miss tonight which
is a fine but I just had Salts voice in my head "Walks suck
Sean! You better come out swinging or I will come out
swinging at you, you got that bitch?" so I swung at my first
pitch. It was obvious that they scouted me because they
walked me at first and then they cheated to my sweet center
spot on my other hit. I knew Salt was right about going to
that secret field but our last practice was at the open
field. When it was all said and done there were some Randy
Mosses who left early and some other babies that said were
done and just walked off the field but we were the victors
with a 21-4 big W. Skip said we are in 1st place most likely
because no one else would have won by so much. Tonight was
just the beginning for the Skeet Skeet Mofoes. We have only
began to show what we really have hell we were even short a man.

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