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2005-04-14 04:36:54 (UTC)

The Dove

DAISYPU83: i'm the damn dove, haha
DAISYPU83: i have a damn broken wing
Kat01924: LOL
Kat01924: i was going to ask if you run into walls at all
DAISYPU83: haha ya, they are called boys!!!

I don't get many things right the first fact I am
told that I know all the wrong turns the stumbles,
and falls brought me here...

So Briana and Amy came screeming and pounding on the
walls...When they came inside they told me I HAD to go
outside and see what all the commotion was about..then there
it was, this poor little helpless dove..It had a broken wing
and was scared to death. We took him out of the hallway and
brought him out by the bush. Call me crazy, but I felt for
that little bird..where was it's other half? Why was it not
fighting? This bird and I had a connection. I felt the
same way that it did..Let nature takes its course, there is
only so much you can do, and then you have to let go~

My stomach hurts, and I want it to go away...maybe once
these dreams stop..I can sleep, and once I stomach
will feel better....

I miss him~

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