Autum's Leaves
2005-04-14 02:01:55 (UTC)


Subtitle: Drinking Out of the Toilet.
Advice section is in the 7th paragraph.

Thank god I don’t need to do it. It really bothers
me that my 1/2 dog, Gracie, does. I know, she’s a dog,
they don’t make that distinction, but still I wish she

So the Skinny Dramaqueen isn’t coming to the
Bahamas with us. We need to find a fourth, but the three
of us are a little out of wits about the whole thing as it

Not only that, but we’re all battling senior-itis
like it was our job. It’s been awful lately. In fact, I
have a take-home test that was due Mon. that I haven’t
even tried to complete yet, today being Wed. and all. The
AP exams are in the first and second weeks of May, we have
three of them. I have AP Bio, AP Eng, and AP Euro. It’s
really not going to be fun at all, let me assure you.
Then, four weeks of staying in school and doing absolutely
NOTHING. I’m going to argue to let me bring my PS2 to
class and play that.

Good news: I’m a semifinalist in a scholarship
that gives out, at the least, a grand. Everyone hope for

Bad news: I’m sick. No fun.

Kinda good news: The Kid and his band, or at least
the band he’s in, played all day today in lunches, because
our school got some sort of distinction award like we do
every year. They played and my friends and I danced
around. The first time I danced, I acted a fool and was
cool. The second time, I acted a fool and bumped into this
one chick and I’m sure the Kid saw me do that. I am the
definition of not-smooth around cute guys. Tuesday was
wonderful, because we played around the whole day and it
was uber fun, then I made an ass out of myself today, but
I like to have fun, what can I say? So, I’ve been on the
phone with CW for the past forty-five minutes talking
about what I need to do. And if any of you are reading
this HELP ME!

This is the DL and what I need advice on:
This adorable kid is two years younger than me, I’m a
senior, he’s a Soph. I need help on deciphering signals.
We spent the whole three hours of OMN (a local music
concert) in the booth (technical booth), just talking and
having fun. I invite him to go four-wheeling, he can’t
come over to my house (because of his Dad) so he invites
me over to his. Tuesday, he starts flicking me with a
piece of cloth (like, rolling it up and flicking it like a
towel) and definitely flicks my butt. Then, he puts a mop
on my hair (it was dry).

So what is this? 16 yr old flirting that I just can’t see
yet? Am I blindly missing signals or am I making them out
of nothing? If you have anything to say about this, please
get back to me, I’d REALLY appreciate it.

Thanks you guys.


Ghettoprincessdancer (haha) says she's not coming to
our senior trip unless there's more than three people.
Egh. So, we've asked out Gay friend if he'll come, because
we all get along well with him. If not, I have another
friend that I might have in mind and will talk to the
girls about. This is getting SO stressful, I just want to
go and have fun, geez.

I also talked to Ghettoprincessdancer about the Kid.
SHE says that since he flicked my ass, he likes me. Enough
said in her book. haha. But, she's made me her
new "project" and she's going to talk to him sometime soon
and is going to somehow "nudge" him into asking me to prom
without implicating me in anything.

Might I reiterte how much of a failure at life I am.

*sigh* I'm going to bed. Because I have to get up early
and read more in the worst novel ever, not really, but
it's still really bad, it's Their Eyes Were Watching God.
And I really just hate the dilect it's written in. It
bothers me.

you can. Thanks.