my own corner of the world
2005-04-14 02:01:49 (UTC)

Finally getting my shit together....

Band Festival was last night. We got a 1!! I thought it
went about as well as we've ever done the songs, so... I
guess that's alright. I saw Jared there last night
too... I'm really confused by him these days. More so
than I was before.

I finally finished all my scholarship crap tonight. I
finally realized that I need to get my ass in gear and get
the shit done, when I had one due today and had to do it
all during 6th hour so I could get the music department
scholarship. It's only $100 but still... 100 dollars is
100 dollars. Then I got home though, and I realized that
like 3 of the applications have expired and I'm really
really slacking bad. Another on of them hadn't expired
yet, but it does on friday and i would need to find 3
people to write me recommendations by then, and it just
would never happen so... that one got thrown out too. The
only one I had left that I could get done was a 4-in-1
kind of deal where it had info about 4 different
scholarships on one sheet. The Letterwinners one (I'm not
doing that one anyway since I've never been in any
sports), the community one, the student council one, and a
bank one. So, I got those done tonight, but it took me
like 5 hours to do cuz I found that it's really hard to
write an essay about how the organizations i've been
involved in have affected my education. But whatever...
It's all finally done. *huge sigh of relief*

Now what I need to get out of the way is state forensics
on Friday and Saturday. I think it's going to go really
really well because I've got my piece the best it can
possibly be. Then next Tuesday is choir festival, and
then I have a break for a little while. Thank God!

I think that's about it for now...

"My give-a-damn is broken."