Fragile life
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2005-04-14 01:00:27 (UTC)

they are angle...

ok.. starting from yesterday..
its was raining.. and i don't carry
an umbrella with me...
when i was abt to cross the road...
a lady said" Need a shelter??
haha i was quite surprised... haha

ok but after crossing.. she asked me which way i was
crossing.. but our path was different..
so i had to again on my own...
the next thing was.. when i was going again to cross
the road which was near to the stadium...

i was waiting for the man to turn green...
the beside me.. was a young lady,,, and she asked me"
" are u crossing the road??"
haha she was also providing shelter for me..
haha.. i was delighted... and in the end
i didn't wanna trouble her.. so i told her that i cross
the other road myself... and once again i thanks her...

ok that happened yesterday...
so today means just now.. after walking out of the train..
i walked up stair.. and suddenly.. i was going to tripped
over.. but lucky i managed to get hold of myself..
iwas very very embarrassed.. and the young lady
beside me asked me" Are u ok??" haha then i smiled to her
and said yes..
haha u know.. i felt much better.. when she asked me...

there are lots of kind soul in this world..
haha.. those 3 passers-by whom i had met.. indeed
really very nice...
so never judge a book by its cover...
this is wat i had learnt...


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