Inquiring minds want to know.....
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2005-04-14 00:49:30 (UTC)

Okay so he got married.....

Alright so i get this call today. Its my cousin and she
begins the call like so " rachel?? has anyone called you
today?" (odd question) me "no... were they suppose to?"
Her "well yeah someone should have" so at this point i'm
thinking someone died..i mean my dads been really suicidal
and my grandads getting old... her "grandaddy got married
yesterday rae. at five o'clock.i can't believe no one
called you" WOAH!!! way worse than i thought.... i mean i
would rather have someone die that my loving grandfather
marry that money grubbing pain in the ass... the bitch of a
woman who threw a fit cuz the wanted my deceased
grandmothers wedding ring as her own.... i mean hello? does
any one else find that wrong... you don't wear your fiances
deceased wifes jewelry... especially not her ring!!!! thats
just ....RUDE!!! I mean maybe my grandmother didn't treat
my grandad so great but its not like they got divorced and
she wanted the grandmother is dead.... for christs
sake!!!! you just don't do that ...normal people dont' do
that.... and then there's the issue that no one bothered to
call me...i mean he should have called me... i called him
when we set the date for our wedding!!! i invited
i wish i could uninvite him... how rude is it that my
cousin was the only one with enough decency to call me???
why is it that both sides of my family feel it necessary to
treat me like i don't exist????? I HATE MY FUCKING
FAMILY!!!!! jesus i'm so fucking mad right now i could spit
nails!!!!! anyway that was my day, how was yours????

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