Rev. Twitch

Rev. Twitch
2005-04-13 23:13:39 (UTC)

Baltimore Hooooo!

Need to get the fizuck back to Bizaltimore!

Kristen's boss has turned into a major cunt and I'm left
with one option. Get her the hell out of here!!!

I don't really wanna leave my job! I'm pretty comfortable
there but...whatever. Just wish she'd been more up front
about it being as we just bought this fucking house in
September and now I gotta sell for a fucking loss because
she's got her head up her fucking rot ass and can't see
that she's pushing the best thing that ever happened to
that office right the fuck out the door! She's lucky if
Kristen doesn't just jump ship and go to a competitor!

Cunt fuckin' Jane bitch!