If Only....
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2005-04-13 19:11:42 (UTC)

Tuna Rubber...

3:05 PM

Here I am waiting...for nothing.
I suppose just another reason to not do what I should do.
Excuses...A rationalization... it all leads me astray.

I just went to the bank to deposit money and then I went
and grabbed some sushi from this restuarant I have been
meaning to check out. And since Alex isn't too fond of
sushi, I got him some taco bell.
Well, all that is left to do is fold those clothes. What A
Tyler has a hair appointment at 4:15. Which means he is
getting his hair cut into a FADE.
I am kind of excited, but in the same sense...nervous.
I like his hair long. It makes him HIM...but I did like
his hair last time he cut it into a fade. Regardless, I am
going to love him no matter his hairstyle, but I know he
is nervous because shortly after he first got a fade, I
left him. This was not the reason I left.
I left because I still was not ready for a relationship
and I felt like his persistance was forceful and
disrespectful...but he blamed it on the hair because a few
months later, we had gotten together- and coincidently,
his hair had grown back.
Whatta goof ball!
Anyways, I am tired...So I am thinking of catching an hour
nap so I can wake up and get busy folding folding folding.
Man I am stuffed!
I will check back in another time.

A little blubber in my igloo..........