Used n Abused
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2005-04-13 19:08:31 (UTC)


Ok so i don't get it. Last night matt and them came over.
Ok matt used to want to make out with me all the time. But
now he doesn't . I don't get it?!!? Now he completely
ignores me. I mean he don't even talk to me no more. WHy
why why why? He told brittany i act different cause the one
time he came over i didn't make out with him (cause i had a
cold) and then i guess i was acting different? They kept on
saying i was boreing and goin on . What the hell am i
suppose to be??? well?? i dunno fuck em? i text him today
and asked why he don't talk to me no more. he hasn't
answered back..doubt he will owell fuck him!!! well im
gonna go my show is on toodles oxoxo god bless
love always
"rALpH lAUrEll"
uSeD n AbUsEd

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