The First Tear

TEars: Good and Bad
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2005-04-13 19:00:47 (UTC)

Drug Dogs!

Dear Diary

Damn, you will never guess what happened!!!! We were sent
to the gym during 5th period for a drug dog search. I don't
think I have anything to hide. I don't do drugs or
whatever. I'm just trying to remember if I left some of
sleeping pills(only like 1 or 2) in my purse. See, I went
to Joey's housel ike 3 or 4 weeks ago and took some with
me. I didn't take the bottle. I just dropped some in a
pocket of my purse. I feel horrible! i don't know what I'll
do if I did! I'm freakin' stressed to the max right now.

Joe and Justin and are sweatin' bullets. For real.
Supposedly they have something to hide. I dunno what. they
woudn't tell anybody. They were discussing it amongst
themselves in the gym. I hope it's nothing serious. I don't
like them sometimes but, I really don't want them to get in

Appearently Trish and Tremaine are still fighting. I still
can't get over what Tremaine said. I will never forget
taht. I thought we were friends but, not anymore. Nope.
Screw her. That was just LOW! I wouldn't even say that to
my worst enemy. Gosh. lol

Today has been a busy day. I don't know why I've just felt
like it's been busy. I mean I didn't have mobility or
anything. I've actually just sat all day. lol

Well, I think I'm gonna let you go. I'm too stressed to
type. I don't know if I left them but, I really hope I
didn't! I don't wanna screw myself over. I just wanna
Graduate and be doen with it. I'm trying to do what's right
but, aroundh here you never can.