attempt 2

Inner Workings of a Broken Mind
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2005-04-13 18:26:20 (UTC)

It's been a while

So, I'm STILL ill. It seemed to get better, but after
working at the Grand National, and getting back to realise
I was extremely far behind, I did some work. Next day I
had a huge headache, next day it was even worse, next day
was even worse and i felt sick so went to the doctors,
where he told me that i'm stressed, and not just about
college stuff, but a few other things. So I was given some
co-cadomol tablet things, which are painkillers about
twice as strang as paracetamol, and he told me to drink
plenty of water, eat healthily and do 30 mins excercise
per day to help me wind down lol. Then he said he was
worried that i was going into a depressive state again,
and has to consider putting me back on some
antidepressants if i dont feel better in a few days.

I don't feel depressed though...or stressed. I know I've
got a lot of work to do, that Im not really doing, but
that still doesnt motivate me into doing anything about it.

I'll get quite a bit of graphics done over the weekend I
think....get onto the development stage, and then get
making this damn website. I'll do my ICT tomorrow, seems
the final deadline is Friday! eeek. I should have it
finished. The Teacher sent me an email telling me to pick
of my evaluation from his office so I can make the
relevant changes to improve my mark. Then I have to fit it
all together, and do my userguide, and check it all
through, and it shall be complete...after 7 months!

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