Unseen Scars..
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2005-04-13 17:37:20 (UTC)

yup.. still complicated!

well.. where to start! The whole thing about Tom being an
arse was completely out or order.. i'm a prat.. see it
turns out things weren't exactly as my mate told me.. she
was pretty persistant and physchotic kinda with him lol..
i'd say that whole mess was both their fault.. but it got
sorted anyway.. they're not really talking anymore..
Um, Ella.. well yeah, i still like her.. really like
her, i'd even say i've fallen for her *rolls eyes* its such
a bitch! and i told her.. and she said she liked me too!
and we lived happily ever after.. hmm or not.. she did say
she liked me though and we got real close, talking alot and
i mean alot, kinda inseperable! but then somethin
happened.. she told me she was interested in this other
girl n was confused about what she wanted.. anyway
eventually she said she wasn't gonna be with her cause it
didn't feel right and sent me this cute email.. but then
things fucked up again and we had a big argument.. it
looked pretty clear that we weren't gonna talk again..
things were THAT screwed.. but last night i spilled my
heart out to her.. well sorta.. and i got her to be my
friend again :) which is obviously great.. I just.. well
she has a gf now and i hate it! i like her so damn much and
i hate thinkin bout anyone with her.. but its true and i
have to be cool with it.. specially if i wanna stay mates..
which i do! but i swear she feels the same as me.. and i
just wish it could be more! *sighs*

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