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2005-04-13 16:45:09 (UTC)

Hump Day Treat

Well. It's Wednesday. My hump day treat woke me up this
morning way too early. Some church guy knocking at the
door wanting to share with me the love of the lord or
something. i told him off. i ran to the door and said look
man, i work nights. i have only been to sleep for three
hours mister. and i really dont appreciate you coming
around here at the butt crack of dawn waking me up to tell
me something i already know about something im not too
fond of right now. grr it just made me mad. not to
mention i've been in a bad mood here lately anyway. yeah
last night i looked up depression on the internet. the
warning signs and stuff that i read on this one web page,
it said that if you have at least two of these signs
please get help now. lol i had every single one of them.
severely. what does that tell you? and my doctor will
probably tell me that i am some stupid 20 year old wanting
something to be wrong with her. well i guess i 'll just
have to find out friday whats wrong with me. even though i
already know whats wrong with me. im a loser!


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