Love Is a Wonderous Thing
2005-04-13 13:43:36 (UTC)

I thought he was dead

So Justin was sposed to hang out with me last Friday.
Today is Wednesday. When he didnt call me, or return any
calls, or return any messages I thought to myself at first
that I had done something to scare him off though I didnt
know what. Then it stretched into a few more days and a
few more calls and I thought to myself. This is a diabetic
who lives alone who gets low blood sugars in his sleep and
wakes up with low sugar levels. THAT scared me. I dont
care if he gets wierd on me for checking up on him because
to me a friend is someone who CARES and I FUCKING CARE. So
I got worried. Long story short I finally excluded the
possibility of death and I am thinking he probably got
busted or is out of town. But I am also assuming that if
he was out of town he would get my message that I was
worried and he would let me know whats up. Besides I dont
think he would throw away his schooling for some weekend
trip. SOMEONE is staying at his house wherever he is,
which to me means that SOMEONE has got him taken care of.
He's either detained or hes away or hes in the hospital. I
have confidence now that I didnt two days ago that hes
okay. I will truly be devastated if I dont see him for
five years because he pulled some stupid crap but I know
now that hes at least alive. THANK GOD.