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2005-04-13 11:00:48 (UTC)

My Playmate S

S is my playmate when i was still living in the old house.
our 17 months age gap and our accessibility in terms of
living near each other makes it even more easier to have a
playmate of the sort. we went to the same school also.
during parties, we would talk and laugh jokes.
S was the one who introduced me to eating 'satti' and ever
since then, me and my friends would have to visit that
little resto every tuesday during breaktime to savor the
spicy food. of course S is also there with his friends. S
was also the one who introduced green jokes. he was the
one who opened the door to a new horizon where censored
things are being discussed. but truthfully, i did not
enjoy what he was imparting.
S has no girlfriends but he had a big crush which he was
so fond of. that girl EY was a beauty but he never managed
to court her i guess. but during his college days, he
tried to send her letters or cards on a daily basis.
S is a good student and a good friend. when he went to
college and took up business management(?), he was living
again near us. but of course things were different this
time. as people mature, things change. we did not have
that teen talk anymore and he also busy with his studies
and by the way, he is also a reader with tons of books!
when he finished college, he worked in a bank. he would
have his salary spent on luxurious things, materialistic
things. he is a fan of the branded apparels and everything
branded. sometimes, i would see lots of Cds, hundreds of
those. he is such a richy rich man. his hundreds of
pocketbooks are placed inside boxes because there were no
shelves.he loves things. and he loves to go out too. i
remember one time when we went to Jazz Rhythm along with
his good friend KC. we drank some ladies drink and of
course, since i am a newbie in the world of liquor, i
started to get dizzy. he drove well and even though he
drank lots that night, he was still in control.
when he went to the province to stay for good, our
communication wavered. everybody was buzy with their lives
already thats why. and he became thin when i saw him a
couple of years after. he said he was on diet but i doubt.
there were times when he was fat and up to that time, he
would indulge himself in the latest trend of everything
from phones to clothes. he is of course the manager,
interior designer of their superstore.
he was still the jolly person that he is but recently, KC
communicated with me and told me a secret. S was hooked on
drugs for a time being and was taking anti depressants. i
wonder how in the world would he be depressed when he
would have everything in the world. he was so liberated
and he has particularly all the stuffs. maybe peer
pressure made him like that. i dont know his latest
friends anymore but i think they are not good companies.
maybe the drug made him a monster. it made him depressed
because that drug was never part of a good life.
sometimes i pity my dear S. he was such a good person.
when addiction strikes, you would be a slave to it. maybe
he did not have the discipline to fight for it. he
succombed to it instead.
but i know one day, he will surpass it. S is a one smart
guy and i know he will reach a point when realization will
make him turn his old ways.
i dont know if he is of the third sex. he never had
affairs whom i am aware of though. maybe he just love
life. easy-go character because when you got money,
everything is possible. even the hardest and toughest one.

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