The diary of a drug Fiend
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2005-04-13 09:26:54 (UTC)

The Next Stage


Obedience to a group leader or religious sect is a
psychological phenomen that aids for the survival of Human
beings in an uncoditioned habitat that a singular human
cannot survive.

But why do we do this in a fully conditioned enviroment.
They say that man is the smartest of all animals.
Reasoning being the reason.

An animal Adapts to suit its enviroment,
Man adapts its enviroment to suit him.

But mans obedience to group leaders is for a matter of
survival in the uncoditioned enviroment. This is why it is
considered a phenomen. Why would this Obedience carry on
when man no longer depends on others for survival. Now i'm
not talking about law and order. Crime and punishment is a
conditioned behavioural act and we can learn off of others
punishments to learn how to behave. As children we have no
real knowledge of these laws and have no real
understanding of consequences. Therefore monkey see monkey
do. This is perfectly understandable. But why do human
beings feel the need to still act to an authority that for
the most part does not exist. I am not even talking about
religion or any form of God. Take the Jonestown Massacre.
Why did everyone follow Jim Jones rules to point of
suicide. Was this an act of insanity. No becuase most
people who commited suicide thought this was a perfectly
rational and sane thing to do. They done this because they
obeyed their leader. Jim Jones, though in retrospect even
the name Jim Jones sounds dodgy. Why do people follow a
religion. I believe that it would be very comforting to
beleive that there is a god a heaven and hell and if we do
good things all our lifes we will be sent to heaven. i
would love to believe this but i think its simply nieve.
But takes Pascals' wager. There is either a god or there
isn't a god. Simple. If we spend our lives worshipping and
pleasing a god then there are two outcomes when we die. We
will either go to heaven or we won't go to heaven. Even
Simpler. So we may aswell live our lives as if there was a
god so that we will go to heaven. This is all very well in
the 16th century when there was a need for a god. Because
the idea of a god is very primitive. In the 16th century
for the majority of peasentry life there is no real
quality of life. The idea that because of all their hard
work and good will ect... will send them to heaven is
nieve but comforting one. But nowadays the wager is more
complicated. In the 16th century we KNEW there was a god,
we KNEW there was a heaven and we KNEW that there was only
one true god. Now there are may religions with many gods
so which one do i choose. So lets ask the man that knows.
A catholic priest. But the dogmatic man says NO only my
god exists. There is no possibility of anything else being
true!! so what of the people who unaware of this god. will
they be sent to hell? and the dogmatic preacher says "but
of course". Obviously this is all wrong. Therefore the
very idea of judgement is bullshit. A religious man is
very selfish. They only do good because they believe that
if they don't they will be sent to Hell. They only preach
Gods law because if they don't they will be sent to hell.
But what of those who do good for no selfish reason. They
do not believe in a God. They have no knowledge of any
religion but simply commit good acts out of nature. He
does not deserve a place in the kingdoom of heaven. So
what of the ones who do know of a god. who may know of
many religions. But wish not to follow. When they commit a
good act it is not to win a place in heaven. It is to
commit a good act. So they deserve a place in the kingdoom
of heaven. Of course not.

Surely any God can see this is wrong.