Master Joel

Master & slave
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2005-04-13 07:46:14 (UTC)

so emotional

greetings Aall,

i am riding an emotional roller coaster right now. i have
never been one to rush into things and have always thought
things through. my decision i made was not made lightly at

today Master Wes and i chatted for a while then He wished
to speak to me via phone. Wwe do this often but today the
idea made me physically ill for some reason. it brought
back memories of facing the Principal or going for a job
interview, logical no way. i questioned myself and Master
Wes questioned me about it. i didnt have an answer. He
encouraged me so i ended up calling. his voice soothed my
nerves as Wwe talked. He asked me if i wanted to talk
sexual or was i ready to ask Him..immediately the
butterflies returned. i asked Him about outstanding
punishments and he asked if i wanted to be punished as well
as pleasured. i told him that might help me. as ordered i
got my paddle ready then lay back down..under his
instruction i began to play..i was so wet but then i froze
and lost all desire..what the hell was happening to me
today?? He ordered my punishment then. i had 10 owing from
before he went away plus i accumulated another 2 then 4 so
16 in total. Wwe began my punishment but then i made an
error of giggling when almost finished so another 5 swats
needed to be inflicted. i was on the verge of crying. after
my punishment was finished i was ordered back on to the
bed. at first my body didnt react like i normally did but
Master Wes soon had me under His full control bringing me
to the most amazing orgasm. tears began to flow..why???
what is wrong with me?? am i losing my mentality?

i had to return to work for a meeting but Master Wes made
sure i was comforted and able to face it. He ordered no
underwear to be worn back and his left me feeling so good.
i called Him back after the meeting and we talked about my
collaring a little more. i am working on what i need to
say now all i need to know is how He wishes it to happen. i
love You and cant wait for Your guidance Master Wes

slave cindy

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