ruby tuesday

pseudo whimical wild child riot grrl
2005-04-13 05:23:55 (UTC)

britney birtney spears is pregnant?! she really didn't
waste any time...she just got married...i am so glad i'm parents should be happy too, i won't be some
teenage mom with four kids and a dead end job...i will be a
lesbian adult with a dead end job...oh well...being gay is
a great birth control..i really want kids someday, but not
my own... either my partner's or family has
way too fucked up genes for me to give to my kids...they
could turn up as messed up as me..she is only
cousin is already 23 and she's stressing about not being
married by now...what is with everyone? why so young? do
you want to have a fat ass, gray hairs and stretch marks at
a young age? i don't get it...anya is just going out with
guys just to find a husband..i mean the guy sh'es with now,
mike, is "the best guy"...i think that she just wants to
get a husband...this guy likes her, worships he'll
make a good husband slave to the bitchy anya...she's a nice
person after she is done making fun of you, dissing you,
and thinking her shit don't stink...she really irritates
me...i just want to be like "bitch, shut the fuck
up!"...but then again, she is family and i just have to put
up with her just like i have to with all the other assholes
in my family. why are family members always the most
annoying, irrtating people in life? i guess because i can't
tell them to fuck off (eventho i do, but i'm a bad