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2005-04-13 04:06:45 (UTC)

whats lady love mean to you?

so i went down to geneva today and ran into a friend who
said that they had been reading my journal but were still
confused as to what or who lady love was and i tried
explaining them our relationship but i knew they wouldn't
get it so i was like its simple shes the person i go to
bed dreaming about and the person i wake up thinking about
and thats all that you need to know. so i'm going to the
cuse this weekend my return trip i hope it as much fun as
my last trip i'm sure it will be. i'm going to miss kal
and laura's trip back to CS but i'll see them again at
some point soon enough i am sure. not much else to say,
besides i love laura

hugs and kisses and bedtime wishes

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