Elizabeth M.
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2005-04-13 02:56:35 (UTC)

Come What May

That would have to be my saying,"Come what May". I love
the song in the movie"Moulin Rouge". I believe in those
words too!
Is it selfish to wish that other relationships fail just
so you might be able to have one? I feel that sometimes by
me being so positvie that I lose out on everything
including happiness. I am in limbo right now and unsure on
how to get out of it, afraid to try something new due to it
might cost me everything in the end. I try new things
very ..very slowly. Love is my weakness and it always has
been from the begining. I guess that I expect to much from
others. I have to remind myself that not everyone was
raised the way I was.
Now a days I am not so happy, I wear a fake smile on my
face so that others don't know how I really feel. I hate my
job and I am trying to change that. I do little things to
keep me content. I sing because it make me happy and hey,..
I sound good. I am probably going to go out and buy flowers
to plant in the front yard, and moe the grass. I love being
out in the sun, that always makes me happy. I have been
sitting on the porch blowing bubbles watching time go by.
The one thing that I
miss, is having someone next to me and holding hands and
hugging them. Laughing about stupid stuff and giving each
other little kisses.
So as I say Come What May, I have nothing else to lose,
Except my life.