Helpless mosochistic love
2005-04-13 02:36:35 (UTC)


Ok so I snuck over to Brandons house. Like I've done
sooo many times before. Well he should have told me
his parents were suspicious. Sure enough like the
minute I walked in his door his dad walked in. Oh yes I
wanted to shoot I want to shoot his parents. ^.^
Well, the whole incident didnt go so well with his
parents. SO ya his mom has more reason to hate me.
And Brandon came by says hes like mad but yet not.
Like.....Love Hate. Love hating them Hate loving them.
Hate hating me really!!! XD Anyway. Ya so I feel like shit,
hes lost alot of priviledges. And my mom doesnt care
about it. Not even grounded... Moments like that I love
my mom. But ya and Greg came up laughing about it. I
just wanted to beat the shit out of him!!! But ya before
Brandon came by to check on me his friend Steve came
by. He wanted to know how I was doing, to tell ya the
truth Not even I know how to answer that. I mean im
okay but then im not. Ya so me and Steve talked, hes
real cool. I was so relieved to finally see Brandon I
swear the weekend lasted 4EVER!!! GG Missy you
laugh at me for this I will beat the tar out of you!! I never
want to remember this moment in life ever again!!! And
dont remind me PLZZZZ...Forgetting moment!!! NOW

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