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2005-04-13 01:39:32 (UTC)

to be or not to be

Considering the above title which is borrowed from a line
in Hamlet, this is actually not an entry on literature but
on writing online diary in general. I was quite in shocked
to find out that this diary was discovered by Kresna. I
realised then that I don't want anyone I know to read this
diary. It is supposed to be a public diary but I don't
expect anyone I know to read it because I would have to
filter out things I write if they do read it.

What a pity.

Now I have to make it private. No difference with me
writing on papers.

However, I have beeen wanting to have a blog for some time
now. This diary is a trial to see if I can churn out
something interesting out of my daily lives. I want my
blog to be special, not a mere enlisting of my daily

I must be more careful next time.

This shall not happen, ever again.