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2005-04-12 23:54:10 (UTC)

Rain Rain

Rain Rain go away come back another day......

First things first....GIBBY!!!!!!!!! Please give me shena
back...I am on my knees, we only have three more weeks of
school left, then our lives will be forever
changed!!!!(TEARS) hahaha LOVE IT ;) I heart you girl.

Quotes of the way I am feeling right now...

"there's room to believe, out of sight, out of mind, out of
reach, start over again is no way to begin"

"Say anything. Say what you mean."

"It's time to tell the truth..cause I am tired of lying."

These rainy days are so least I made the guy who
was taking my order over the phone laugh.

So Amy and I went to McDonalds for some food, what an
adventure that turned out to be...If I had a quota for
eating there like some people I know ;) I would so be
surpassing it right now. haha It was definitely a trip to
get my spirits up, which I definitely needed, so a big
THANKS to Amy for that one.

I got two points on the board.....THANKS GIRLS!!!!

I can't wait to see my MOM this weekend...I HEART HER!!!! xoxo

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