whispers from a contemplAtiv soul
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2005-04-12 23:53:05 (UTC)

the best fone call...

well this is a lil more personal than i normalli get but
w.e.i got a fone call from my uncle about 10 min.
lemme xplain y this fone call is uncle has
been locked up for forever and i hav missed him dearli.he
was yung but now on the fone he sounds like a grown man and
has matured alot.i guess no more gang banging for him.but
no matta his faults i love him so much and ive missed him
and i havent spoken to him since he was locked up a couple
of years ago until 2dai.a couple of years may not seem like
alot to yall but im used to c-n him evrydai then hes gone
from me like that and that wuz my homeboi.i still cant
believe i got a chance 2 speak 2 him.hes probably like 20
now!omg!and hes worried i may not b his lil t.t n-e more
but he duznt hav 2 worry cuz i'll always be the lil gurl he
remembers, jus for his sake.ive missed him so much words
cant uncles and aunts were all i had cuz i hav no
siblings.then wen they were all gone either incarcerated or
w.e my whole life was gone.good thing ive learned from
their mistakes tho cuz i knew the jus
appreciative that i finalli got 2 talk 2 him afta nite afta
lonli nite waitin.i wanted 2 write 4 so long but i had sooo
much 2 say and didnt kno how.wen he wrote 2 me i cried 4
daiz cuz i was so happy.i keep his pic next 2 my bed and i
look at it all the time and i use it as a good luck charm
sumtimez plus it reminds me of the good times the family
had wen evry1 was 2gether.ive cried so much lookin at that
pic tho cuz ive missed him so much and want things 2 b the
way they i can onli wait until his return which he
says will b in a few months and the months culdnt go quic
enuff 4 me now cuz i cant wait and i hope itll happen
soon.i cant wait until the dai.u jus dont
about lonliness and jus glad hes ok and still
thinkin bout me cuz ive neva stopped thinkin bout him even
tho we didnt hav contact but now ill hav the address 2 the
jail and i'll write him evry week til he comes God
is good cuz he knew i wanted this and i didnt xpect this to
happen so im extremely grateful 2 the 10th power!
im gonna go now and run the conversation i had ova n ova n
my head so ta~ta