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2005-04-12 17:26:44 (UTC)


it's tuesday, and I'm sittin in 3rd block bein bored as
fuck. i can't wait to get home.... I got an e-mail from
sa.. i'm happy... i really love that band... i sent them
another e-mail about the lyrics, so i'm waiting on that.
i've decided last nite that i'm done worrying with hotlips
bullshit...... i can't deal with it anymore...but anyways,
bells about to ring... so i'll write more later. ok, i'm
back, now at home. so yea, i mean, she's just gettin
caught up with some fucked up ppl and their fucked up ex
girlfriends... which is screwed!! this chick is gonna
wind up killin somebody, she's so damn psycho!! i don't
want to be havin ANYTHING to do with this guy when time
comes for her to go psycho gun killer bitch. you know
what i'm saying? i've tried to be friends with this cat
for the simple fact that H.L. is, but i can't get caught
up with this chick, and H.L. doesn't need to. but i've
tried to talk sense into this girl since before all her
probs come crashing down on her, but she acts like she
can't even hear me. she doesn't... i've come to that
conclusion. i just have realized that i don't mean half
as much to her as i feel she does to me. but ya know
what? i don't fuckin care anymore, if i lose my best
friend, then so be it, i mean, my REAL best friend died
when my Mama died, so i guess i don't have anything else
to lose. so yea, i gotta go...
p.s. -- i LOVE and WANT phil stone and i like matt moser!!!... but
that's Toy's i gotta leave him alone...not like anything
would happen between me and him anyways....but still
1 life, much love, xoxo

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