Hollow Years
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2005-04-12 16:00:17 (UTC)

Back to school how crappy. Got..

Back to school how crappy.
Got my speaking exam soon arghhhh im soo gonna fail.
I'm moving house on thursday :)
i'm well scared of going caf i might not go.... because
you see nick's friend added me and i was takling to him
and he started saying he liked me and i was like i hardly
knwo you :S and then he was saying like can we talk at caf
n i was like urmm yeah but i dont want to lmao! he scares
me....and he was asking me if i liked nick and i was like
no only as a friend and he was like so not in any sexual
ways i was like no.... and he went so who do you like and
i said my ex and he went well i think you should get over
him move on find someone new start meeting people and im
scared he will ask me to meet him at caf because i really
dont want to and i won't know what to say if he does. I'm
okay at the moment though i watched cruel intentions the
other day its well good and watched cruel intentions 2
last night it was okay not as good though had a wierd
ending im going to watch the third one when it has
downloaded. I'm up to episode 18 on the second series of
The OC when i have watched 18 i have no more to watch for
ages :( because im passed what the tv is up to because it
is only up to 12! :( so unfair! i think i will have to
download another film...... i get bored to easily i want
to keep my mind occupied...
I'm feeling okay but i still feel a bit wierd as in like
something is wrong but im sure it will go soon. I think i
am moving on quite well i didnt think i would be like this
because i felt like it was never going to get easier and i
suppose it isnt easier just im gettn more used to it every
day and loosing all my hope completely. I still like him
very much and think about him every so often but i cant
help that that just wont fade...
I was talking to nick on the internet the other day and he
added simon into the convosation and i went all quiet
becuase i cant talk to him and simon waas talking to nick
then he was going and went nick night n louise and nick
said bye you 2 if louise can talk and simon went wats up
wid her? and i just said watchin cruel intentions bye i
wasnt btw i just dont want him to see how hurt i am
because he obviously doesnt care and doesnt expect me to
be hurt ... also the only way i am going to move on and
find someone new is if i start being happy again i cnt go
round being miserable all the time so yeah....
i think i might go caf i dont know hmmmm

Song: The Corrs - What can i do
Mood: Okayish

P.s andru n anna and all them are coming my new house on
friday night :)
Oooooo Emma is going out with Adam
and Linzi is going out with Luke

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