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2005-04-12 12:14:03 (UTC)

Feedback , Please!!!

Well I was hoping that someone would have left me a comment
about my last enrty. This is really tearing me up inside.
On the one hand, I'm glad my husband quit SL. I thought it
was strange and that he was addicted to it. I felt like he
needed that more then he needed me or his family. On the
other hand, it seemed like it helped him. He seemed happier
when he started doing this 6 months ago. He also really
seemed to enjoy making things on the game. What if he has a
back slid and gets worse because he don't have the game
anymore? He's also talking about quitting his medicine. I'm
scared to death that his depression will get really bad
again. He keeps telling me that the medicine didn't help
him to realize his mistake in doubting our marriage. He
says he feel the same except knowing that he wants me. The
depression isn't any better. Still I wonder what will
happen if he goes off it. If he would start that " not sure
if I'm in love with you" shit, I will blow up. I will not
go through that again. If he just starts feeling bad again
or thinking about suicide again, I will do everything I can
for him, including getting him help and back on medicine. I
feel like I shouldn't have to go through that stuff again.
I deserve to be treated better then that. I just hope he
knows that too. I will always be there for him and love him
the rest of his life. I hope and pray he does the same.

In other new...My sister has decided to get married on
August. She wants me to be her matron of honor. She says
it's different then a maid of honor. A marton is a married
women and a maid is single. I have never heard of that, but
oh well. The kicker is that I will be 8 months pregnant by
then. So I guess I'll look real cute for those wedding
pictures. Lol.

A older friend of mine at work just lost her son in a
motorcycle accident. I believe he was 28 yrs. old. I found
out yesterday. I feel so bad for her. I know if I lost my
daughter or this baby I'm carrying, I would be devestated.
She has another son who recently got married and had a
child. Atleast it wasn't him with the family. Either way
it's bad. I want to call her but I thought it would be best
to leave her alone. I know if it was me all I would want
around me would be my family. I figure I would send her a
card and let her know how sorry I was and that I'm thinking
about her. She's not a reglious women but I will pray for
her anyways. Lord look out for Debi and help her through
this tough time. I know she is lost to you right now but
don't give up on her. Show her that through you everything
will be alright. Help all her family deal with this. Lessen
their pain and heal them. Amen.