some other guy

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2005-04-12 07:47:47 (UTC)

running in circles

im so confused right now. all the shit i thought i had
gotten past seems to always come back.

my little demon is slowly coming back and i know it.
because im being more of an ass to people. i feeling in
the mood to hurt people and fight. im thinking about
smoking weed again. im smoking a shit load more then

with this fucked up situwation that im in im just making
shit wrose every time i turn around. when i try and fix
something something else goes wrong and fucks everything
else up. god damn i hate my luck.

to make things wrose is im running out of opitions with
this whole staying in school and not working thing cause i
want to finish school bit i dont want to go. i want ot
drop out to find work to move out so i can live with my
girlfriend who i love to death and my best friend who
would be welcome more then even my worthless brother.

i dont know i just have to figure some shit out and i
better do it fast. cause if i dont and i get kicked out of
school and my dads house fuck it my only opitions at that
point are my moms house, hope that i could chill with rick
for a while or the military.