Sean Gokey (Gokes!)
2005-04-12 05:07:46 (UTC)

April 11, 2005

Today was a different kind of day. Salt and I lifted in the
afternoon. We then decided to go have practice because we
had a new bat. The rookie Eric came. He made some rookie
mistakes but he’s a good kid. Fish came to practice for the
first time. I batted but not that well. The wind was blowing
in right towards me so the ball came to the inside of the
plate. Skip said he wasn't impressed with me. That pissed me
off I've been working harder than anyone else in the
off-season and when I have a bad day especially when its
that windy and when guys that have never been to practice
are there I think I have the right to be pissed. During
dinner skip and I got into a discussion and he became upset
with me because I believe that my talent isn't being used
fully. I have had many offers from other teams for more
money and lots more playing time. I am on this team because
I believe in dedication and alliance with my team but if I
get jerked around or benched I will leave. Skip told me
later that night I was benched and I talked to Salt about
it. Salt is the owner so he can say I need to play but Skip
makes the roster. He said he would do all he can. Now I've
been dedicated all off season and have waited for Wednesday
all winter so if I don't play I'm walking for sure. If Skip
can not see my dedication to this team than maybe he should
find a different job because he is not being a good manager.
I had both my agents contact Skip and let him know that I
better play or I will leave. I am angry that all of this is
going on just two days before Wednesday’s game but I didn't
bring it up. I am icing and trying to forget about what
happened and let Skip and my agents figure it out. All I
know is I better play Wednesday because if I don't it
doesn't just hurt me it hurts the team.

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