Paranoia Of A Japanese Girl
2005-04-12 04:41:45 (UTC)

Guys guys and more guys. i so get along with more guys than girls

Wo, I forgot about this thing. Theirs been alot hapining
lately i guess. My friend tried hooking me up with this
one kid, which tottaly bombed. He turned out to b a jack
ass, atleast thats what everyone calls him. He's a cool
friend and all but just not boyfriend material for me. He
was cool at first but when i met him it was like meeting
some guy u met online, never seen him just showed up. But
i've known him forever. Weird yea! _
Never date a friend! Bad, very very BAD. i break that rule
too much, im a jerk _*

But after the whole thing with the one kid got flushed
down the toliet (which im happy it did, better as friends)
i met this other great guy. its weird how we met tho.
fate mayb *shrug* but i hope hes the one. hes so great ^_^
the one kid they thought i wouldnt end up with. wat a co-
in-ki-dink. I've been happy, alot lately. still some
doughts of depression here and there but when I think of
him i get instantly happy. i hope this works out hes great.

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