Lunactic Scriptures
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2005-04-12 04:39:27 (UTC)


well this is the thing i've always feared. i can't think
of anything to write. well i do, but not without passing
off as obsesive, pathetic, or stupid.

i really.....REALLY.....need a girlfriend. my friends say
i just need to get laid, but i need the person more than
what she can offer. If I wanted pussy i'd go out, trick
someone, then just take it like some assholes i know or
hear about. what pisses me off is how much importance we
put into sex. it shouldn't matter. i mean it's just a guy
and a girl grindin into each other and yet we compare it
too happiness or something.

maybe i am depressed and just don't know it yet. I'm
starting too feel the same way like back when i was living
on my own, and i was feeling pretty damn shitty lemme tell
you. god i wanna get drunk. i miss my friends so fuckin
much. i hope my new psych can gemme some pills when i go
talk too her. fuck.

i'm gona go. bye.

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