me and my life
2005-04-12 03:49:41 (UTC)

Whats been going on lately

Well i've had a very interesting few days. i broke up with
my bf last Thursday before lunch and that lasted a big 2
1/2 hours till we got back together and that was mostly
because i liked Morrel and he was being an ass hole and i
was pissed then on Friday i got mad at Shawn for being an
idiot and being jelous of me saying hi to Morrel so i just
forgave him today and now i'm going to break up with him
again tomorrow for Morrel again and i'm a complete itiot
for it but thats ok because me and Morrel both like
eachother and he even called me earlier tonight and we
talked for a while and he said he liked me and i was a
damn good kisser. well i'm going to go so i can get some
Much love