Flying on broken wings
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2005-04-12 03:24:03 (UTC)

April 11th- part 2

Dear diary,

hello again, sorry about before but I was pushed off the
computer, Because mum needed the room to see with a
client. Well anyway, as I was saying, I woke up today with
the help of mum. It was 6:11am, a little later than
normal, but I was still really tired. I crawled over to
the end of my bed and grabbed two tablets, and put them
with my soad-pop. I then walked to my bathroom and get
ready, and came back and put my hair in pigtails. I then
went to my dresser and took the pills with my soad. In
total, from the pills, I had just taken 400mg of caffine.
I got on the bus and I had to shut my eyes, I was feeling
so dizzy by that point, which was only 10mins after that.
I got to my first peirod class, and I just felt so
huingry, and dizzy. I reached into my bag and grabbed my
strawberries and just nibbled at them. I felt worse with
every bite. I tried to shake it off, with that I sat down
and got started on my colomb. Looking at the computer
screen I just felt like I was going to pass out. The bell
rung and I just ran to the trash can, I couldn't hold it
in any longer. I just threw up evrything, and even blood I
think. I was crying, I couldn't see straight, and I felt
like I was going to faint still. Maddy took me down to the
nurse with Ted, and I just ran to the restroom once in her
office. I couldn't stand, I feel to my knees, and they
made Maddy leave. I just wanted her to stay with me, but
the wouldn't let her. They told me to lay down, but I knew
if I did then I would bring up more. I sat in the nurses
office for 20 minutes, and then my mother came. She took
me home, it was pooring outside. I came home and went
right to my room, and I feel asleep untill 12:36pm. I came
downstairs and I got something to eat, but because I am
the stupid one I had a bananna, and it wouldn't stay down.
After about an hour I got bored of just laying on the
couch unable to sleep so I went to my boards page and
replied to Alex.

Then at 3:49pm Brant called me, and we continue the convo
of going to the movies. I felt that I really needed to go
out and do something. My mum was with a client so I was
home free till she found out that I was gone. We went to
see "Hitch" it was a great movie! I cried, but only cause
it is so cute! ^-^. Well anyway after the the movie Brant
brought me home and I ran into my mum. She was mad, but
didn't say much other than "Go inside, your dinners on the
table" I was happy. Well that was it, and still mum has
yet to get on at me for leaving the house when I
was "ill"... So yeah. Well anyway, it's 10:23pm, and I am
now waiting for Alex/Ryen/Marron to reply on the page,
then I can be happy and read. Till then I am going back to
Yahoo! so bye for now.

-Amy -10:24pm