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2005-04-12 02:20:51 (UTC)

Art School

today in art class Ms M was like you should go to art
school and im like hahaha no way man. i suck, and she is
like well, you have potential and to which i replied with a
well, you cant make money that way.

honestly now, that im at home and with my dad who went to
art school and yeah, is making money and has shit thats
worth money, im thinking, maaaaybeeee.

honestly- prolly not.

i want to be a chef or a fashion designer. i dont see art
school anywhere in the near future. design and space
concepts maybe but not like, generalized art school.

kind of a shame how i want to be better than what i grew up
with and how greedy and vain i am when really on the inside
i dont give a fuck. people are people, we're all the same
in riches or in poverty, and we just need to accept each
other for who is on the inside.

and i do, i mean look at who are my friends. the goth kids,
the emo kids, the slut girls... who really aren't so bad
once you know them, the younger innocent minds... the
adults who see me as a mature kid (ha ha ha yeah right) and
like, each and everyone of them is judged by someone else.
i say, fuck labels. thats for cans.

"if you are going to grind up a human and put them in a
can, for god's sake label that!"

but yeah, can you see me now? The starving Artist.... i
guess it would fit the whole artistic odd side of me i
already show.


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