whispers from a contemplAtiv soul
2005-04-11 22:30:09 (UTC)

ur future pastor

im gonna b a pastor 1 dai!!!im so xcited cuz i wanna hav my
own church and imma hav a camp like the one in Holmes and
our church will hav its own yacht n stuff...its gonna b so
great.i kno bein a pastor comes with great responsibility
cuz ppl will always judge u on how they xpect a pastor n
watnot but w.e im readi cuz its not like i havent been thru
bein judged b4.but ppl will always hav an idea of how a
pastor shuld live and b so i'll hav to liv up 2 my name cuz
i kno the 1st time i act "human" ppl will go nutz(wen im a
pastor i mean).but umm yea so now thats my dream.yea i kno
big difference from wanting to act but theres where i wanna
b, spreadin the word of god cuz wen i die i do wanna
hear "job well done".ppl act so differentlia round me now
or atleast some do cuz not evry1 kno's yet.some of my non-
religious family members(i wont say names cuz i dont wanna
blow n-e 1's spot ^)arent too happy about my life change
but i do wanna giv thanx 2 those who r happy 4 me and r
supporting me...luv u expectin 2 lose alot
of "frendz" becuz i'll prbablyi b too "Godly" 4 them but
those r the so called frendz i dont need n-e wayz plus im
used to losin frendz n-e so it wont b n-e thin nu.i cant
wait 2 grow up now!ive neva felt so sure about n-e thing b4
but this and i kno is happy with my choice or atleast i
hope he is.i love 2 help ppl and what betta way than this?
plus ill probabli do a lil phycology on the side or
somethin of that nature.g2g but until next time
)*(smooches)*( _*_TynA_*_
~psalm 23:the lord is my sheperd,i shall not want...

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