The Moth Diaries, Poetry
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2005-04-11 20:45:22 (UTC)

Poem 40- Petals of Oxygen (8)

there is a light up ahead,
shining with enormous power
glowing and throbing to a pusling in your temple.
in unity with the fluttering at your wrist.

press two fingers to your arm,
can you feel the struggle of life
can you see how to hold on.
clasp tighter and tighter, desperatly looking for that
you need to live.

drifting away, floating away with the bird, with the
your heart beats turn to particles in the midnight air.
entwining with the spirits of the past, and the presences
of the future.
feel it gliding away from you, leaving your body.

tonight the goddesses of passing cross over,
they come with arms held wide, arms bare from cloth.
smiles gentle, eyes cold and forgiving,
taking you into the next place, the world beyond.
Kali, Kauket, Anubis, Janus, Thanatos, Mictlantecihuatl,

Proserpina, Persephone, Mictlan, Pluto, Teoyamqui,
come and bring calm, passage of the journey
bring spirit, take willingly.
leave in their comforting arms, no harm shall fall on thee.

lift your eyes to the light of ending,
hold fingers curled in depth of thought.
into the shadow land, into the nighttime of day,
no sun to the world, no moon to the sky,
time flys, time is no more.
peace and war become one, love and hate twine together,
pain forms in the back of your head,

result from a shatterd heart,
falling and slipping away from what you hold on with.
too young to leave this life, look back, hold tight,
you can make this, you can leave this place.
dont give up, you are strong, hold on,
make the difference of keeping those fingers closed around
the cold steel of whatever it takes.

the heart breaks, pulse trails away
breathing becomes short, breaths of a flower,
petals of oxygen forming in glittering ends.
you will see me again, in this eternity or the next,
when emptiness crashes together, sprung from the path of

the pupil dims while light has no affect,
spirals of green, gold, corn flower blue, darkest brown
loose the living lustre, lasting brightness
the fingers curl into the palm,
reading a fate not yet to be mapped.
not yet to be drawn. you can shape your destiny,
do not leave it now.

consious hands feel through the darkness,
pulling you back, away from the choosing goddess
encircling a mind needing love.
eyes flit open, showing darkend pupils and sparkling
cheeks flush with rose and a single drop of blood,
falls from where you bit your lip,
catching it with a tooth.
the price to pay for life, a drop of blood.
it is worth it

© Lucy Griffin April05

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