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2005-04-11 20:32:37 (UTC)

Boi Girl

sometimes it's hard to explain who or what you are. i like
to go by ugly girl or boi girl, the nicknames i had as a
child becuase the pure irony of wanting to be called by my
former torments makes me smile on the inside. i cant say
much except im different. thats for sure.

jeani says im a freak and thats the way she loves it.that
makes me smile inside too, and i geuss all in all avoiding
the fact i was weird was what made this come apparent so
late in my life.

trying so hard to be normal only made this oddity worse,
and trying to not be normal only made me long for
normality. but im at a happy medium, and i call that being
a girl-kyle. becuase, like my name says, i am unique.