The Family Tree
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2005-04-11 16:25:22 (UTC)

1st Aunt of the FS

i dont have to elaborate when i describe who i am talking
about. it follows on with the same pattern.i will play
with the initials only.
i was in college when i accidentally opened her diary. she
was to get married to her boyfriend T but because of
uncertainties, the wedding didnt pushed through. this T
she loved was a salesman. i dont know if he was that rich
compared to 1st Aunt. but she loved him dearly. it shows
in her diary. i forgot an entry which manifested her love
for him-- cant recall those exact phrase. anyway, again
due to circumstances or some misinterpretation of sayings,
my grandfather decided to forego the marriage and called
it off. she was then introduced to another salesman with a
good PR. he won the heart of my grandpa and so a wedding
was set. i dont know how tumultous their life had become
because there were financial difficulties then. and to
make things worst, their first born son died for reasons i
dont know, the only thing they told me was that he was
mentally retarded. or was it just plain negligence. nobody
knows. this is a mystery nobody wanted to answer. they
have another daughter N.
years after, 1st Aunt died. there was no reason mentioned
but a kidney disease was a possibility. that left the
family with a worst scenario. but life has to go on and so
it goes on.
at one time though, somebody close to the family told my
aunt L that this husband of my 1st aunt was seen with a
man. nobody would ever believe he could be one of the
third sex... but there were evidences and the money he was
making was only for the sustainance of the
relationship/affair. since 1st Aunt died anyway, her
husband has been a disgrace. who would tolerate such acts?
and when he died years ago, nobody in our family went to
his grave. maybe he was not a good provider nor a good
husband. he didnt take care of my 1st aunt that much or
she would not have taken that early. maybe he was just
using her to get what he wants. men sometimes are users. i
pity my 1st aunt very much in her diary and even though i
wasnt able to see her face while she was still living, i
know for sure that she has an angelic loving in
a way--so martyred. sacrificing her true love for another
because she has to...obedience of that much extend. she
set an example of a true woman who sacrificed so much and
up to the very last moment, she was still suffering.

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