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2005-04-11 13:43:56 (UTC)

My Alphabetized Existence/The Letter B

I like babies. I liked my own because they were mine.
I like other people's babies because they aren't mine. I
can play peek-a-boo with them and tickle them and cuddle
them and then when they begin to cry or need to be changed
or fed I can hand them back to their mothers.
I once told a doctor I didn't know well that twenty
minutes was my limit for listening to a baby cry. He stood
there for a minute and then quietly asked "What happens
after twenty minutes?" "I begin to cry too" I confessed.

Ballerina, secret
An endearment from John which is also a private
joke. The summer I was seven I took ballet lessons. I
loved them but alas, I was not the graceful swan I wanted to
be or thought I was. At the end of the summer there was a
recital. My parents were unable to attend so a kind
neighbor brought me. I made up for my lack of grace with
enthusiasm and did a really grand grand-jete, landing in the
laps of the people in the front row, collapsing two rows of
chairs. I'm thankful no one was hurt. I'm also thankful
video cameras hadn't yet been invented.

One of the most boring sports to watch, as are
tennis, golf and car racing.

Betsey Wetsy
My favorite doll when I was five. I would give her
her little plastic bottle of water and then change her
diaper and usually all of her clothes as well. It gave me
good practice for when I became a mother.

Bird, watching
My desk is right alongside a sliding glass door
in the dining room. In the summer I open it and just have a
screen between me and the outside. There's a snowball tree
along the fence and in it there's a bird feeder. I keep
several bird books and binoculars on my desk to watch the
birds that visit it. Every March, when the Oregon grape
flowers, I see a hummingbird. It's always just once and
always just one hummingbird.

Blessing, it's a
This is on my list of most irritating phrases.
It's usually used by someone who's hearing about a tragic or
unpleasant event who feels compelled to say something and
that something has to be to turn it into something it
isn't. Sometimes it's best to just say "I'm sorry" and
leave it at that.

Blueberries (see also: corn, heaven)

Broken (promises, dreams, lives)
I have a strong sense of keeping promises, big
and small. If I promise to keep a secret, I will. Broken promises
cause one to lose trust. Broken dreams are difficult to
bear. Broken lives can be mended but the seam showing where
it was broken, the scar, remains forever.

Books, childhood favorites, Nancy Drew (see also: memorizing
license plates)
I loved the Nancy Drew mysteries when I was in
elementary school and read every one published up to the
time I stopped reading them.

I don't know how bumblebees fly, but I'm always delighted if I catch sight of one. They seem to be rarer and rarer.

Buttons, collecting
I collect buttons. I have a five gallon glass jar of
mother-of-pearl (abbreviated to MOP to those who are collectors),
dozens of carved MOPs, as well as jars of celluloid and metal
buttons. I like unusual buttons in different shapes and
have a collection of heart shaped buttons. I like buttons
but I don't like sewing missing buttons onto clothes.