void deck
2005-04-11 11:51:00 (UTC)

entry ga jelas

This diary is becoming a kind of self-discovery for me.

Last week was a crazy and tiring week. Had 2 mid-term
tests and 3 essays to be submitted.

Today every assignments that need to be done is done. I
can finally concentrate on revising my work.

But my brain won't cooperate.

Been having difficulty in falling asleep for a few days

Went to Center Stage with Linsey last Friday night. Very,
very cosy place to eat and listen to live music. Tried
marguerite for the first time... loving it.

I don't understand myself. This feeling is tearing me
apart. I am on the verge of breaking down (again!).

If one day I find YOU, it will be so nice. Someone to
summer through life with me. Someone who'll show me the
world. Someone who'll share his life with me. Someone whom
I love and loves me back in return. Someone I can't live
without or I'll rather not live without.

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